Top Reasons Why Video Hosting and Live Streaming is Here to Stay

Recently, there has been a rumor going around that text content is on the verge of dying. Well, that is far from true, textual content will never go out of style. However, video content is becoming as vital as text content, and it’s here to stay. Videos are an excellent tool to communicate with your audience, and businesses are quick to join this digital marketing revolution.

In this article, we will go through some of the main reasons why live videos are taking the world by storm and how video hosting services are becoming more efficient in offering glitch-free streaming.

Real and authentic:

This is a crucial element. It may seem generic, but it’s essential. It would be better if you show your viewers that what you mean and what you say is real. Businesses and marketing strategies tend to exaggerate facts to sell their products. The beauty of video streaming is that you get to talk to your consumers and express yourself vocally, and since live streaming is a two-way communication, you can gauge the viewer’s reaction as well. You have to make your video content seem as genuine as you can; avoid making it look like a static idea.

A better concept than AI:

Let’s face it, every day, technology is getting more advanced than the day before. Robots are more lifelike, and AI devices are there to cater to your needs. All this leads to the fact that we establish better connections when an actual person is in front of the camera; a sense of trust is built with the audience. They know that the person is speaking from personal experience and knowledge, and is not programmed to talk (like a robot).

Gaining access:

Live streaming videos have a way of bringing a community together, and since the video is raw, there are no gimmicks or edits. When the audience sees something that’s happening in real-time, they believe it; this is especially true when they are watching a live stream that is hosted by a famous person or when an important event is going on. These situations reel in the viewer and keeps them hooked to the content. So, if you think your business is better off without live video streaming, then think again. Avoiding the social media culture means you’re not ready and willing to grow and expand your business to new audiences.

Two-way communication at its finest:

Live streaming is a great strategy to get to know and engage your followers directly. Generally, apps like Instagram and Facebook have seen live streams that receive more than 10 million views and comments. If you have witnessed a company’s live stream that gets that many views, then you know they are doing something right. When you’re streaming live, you’re humanizing a virtual platform and your company’s brand. When you go live, you show a side of your business that the outside world doesn’t get to see, and this builds intrigue, leaving the audience with a thirst for more content. The live conversations and display of comments show that user engagement is in full swing.

Breaking the fourth wall:

As mentioned before, two-way communication and customer engagement is what makes live streaming so successful. Before live streaming, there was a wall that separated the brand from the audience. Earlier, it was a one-way communication where brands tried to market itself, and the consumers would either be forced to see it, or they would ignore it entirely.

However, this communication tactic has broken the fourth wall, and now audiences can communicate with the brand directly and voice their opinions. Live streaming has managed to integrate real-time and social media while making sure the viewers are involved with their content as well.


If you have a powerful message from your brand and it can be conveyed enticingly to your audience, there are chances that you will get recruits knocking at your door. If you show how fun and productive it is to work at your company, you will have many candidates standing in line waiting for a job. When you perform effective live streaming, you promote your company as an active employer, and this is interesting to people who would want to work for your company.

Finding the best video hosting services:

You need to make sure that you have all the basic requirements prior to starting your live streaming service. Once you have the right video recording tools, a live streaming platform, and a well thought out plan, you’re all set to start your service. You can seamlessly stream to a larger audience if you use a good live streaming hosting service.


Live streaming is still in its infancy, but every day, we learn something different about this new marketing strategy. But the benefits that live streaming offers to businesses makes it one of the top ROI reapers. However, to get the full benefit of live streaming, it’s imperative to select the best live video hosting service.

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