Benefits of Video Hosting and Streaming Services

Live streaming is a relatively newer marketing technique; garnering much attention from brands and businesses that constantly look for innovative branding techniques. Live streaming can be extremely useful to an array of industries, like education, entertainment, lifestyle, and so many more. In fact, when used appropriately, every industry can derive good outcome out of this marketing trend.

As some notable brands are using live streaming to engage their audience in a more novel way, people have finally started identifying and acknowledging the benefits of video hosting and streaming services. If you’re still calculating if your business needs live streaming services, then here’s a list of some benefits of video hosting and streaming services that may help you reach a conclusion and make a decision.

You Can Get Ahead of Your Competitors

As already mentioned live streaming has not yet gained a lot of popularity. However, it’s estimated that in the near future, it will be one of the most sought after techniques of marketing and branding. If you have not thought about it yet, this might be the right time to invest in live streaming. And chances are, not a lot of your competitors would think about it. This gives you a good chance of engaging your existing audience in a better way while attracting a new audience.

It’s worth remembering that live streaming will soon be in every brand’s book of marketing. While it can serve as a perk when you use this technique now, it’s bound to become more of a necessity to keep up with the trends in the future.

Less Time Consuming Than Written Content

If you write a blog post, you know it needs enough research so that you can produce a unique and informative piece of content. In terms of numbers, it’s estimated that a 1000 word article would take somewhere between 4 to 6 hours if you’re writing quality content. On the other hand, videos are easy to shoot and since live streaming is accessible in real-time, they take lesser time to deliver whatever message you want to through videos.

More Convenient for People

Just as hard as a writer works in order to deliver quality content, a reader also needs to dedicate time and concentration, especially if it’s an informative blog. Researches prove that visual content has more of an impact than written content. Furthermore, viewers don’t have to spend as much time viewing a video. Moreover, it’s a more natural and interesting medium of information. When a video is carefully made, you would be able to send across whatever message you want to without your viewers getting easily bored.

Better Interaction with Audience

When your audience read content, what they get is the words of the writer and the audience doesn’t directly interact with the writer. This is one of the drawbacks of content marketing when compared to live streaming. When the audience gets to see a person who is sharing some information, it leads to a better connection between the audience and the brand. When you interview an influencer and live stream the video, your audience gets to see the person being interviewed respond in a candid way. This impacts your relationship with your clients and the audience.

Furthermore, Q&A sessions are a huge success when they are live streamed. This is because the viewer gets an instant answer to their queries. Furthermore, eye contact and the body language of the person answering them adds more to the interaction.

Why Invest in Video Hosting Services?

Now that you know the benefits of video hosting and streaming services, one important question to answer is- why should you invest in video streaming service providers when there are so many free platforms? Since free of cost platforms like YouTube have a huge audience, it might seem like a lucrative option to not invest any money and still be able to go live. However, with those platforms, that is pretty much all that you can do.

However, professional live streaming services come with a number of useful features that can help your business grow better when you live stream your videos. For instance, when you pay for a white label video streaming service, you can represent the logo of your business in the videos which will have a big impact on the audience. In addition, you don’t have to worry about piracy and other associated concerns since live streaming providers offer a high level of protection. If your business has a lot of scope for growth through live streaming, it’s highly recommended to invest in this marketing technique.

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