Why Should You Choose Live Video Streaming?

Video content has to be one of the essential elements of marketing for today’s businesses. An audiovisual component will garner you more views and attention from prospective customers than textual content. Add to this, a two-way interactive video segment that comes in the form of live video streaming, and you will visibly see your customer base grow. Live video hosting is taken up by people and businesses to enhance their content and brand, and to create an immersive experience. Live streaming along with AR and VR technology has taken over the marketing sphere and revolutionizing the way businesses promote themselves.

In this article, we will go through some of the critical points that you need to know when embarking on the live video hosting journey. It will include the proper use of a good video hosting server, optimal video hosting sites, and the best video hosting platforms. When you want to launch a live video broadcast, you have to remember the three points as follows:

  • Basic hardware for streaming live.
  • A reliant platform and streaming provider that will let you host your content.
  • An embedded code that you can add on your web page to host the stream.

Using a paid streaming video hosting server:

Popular streaming services can provide you with bandwidth and speed that will allow you to share your stream broadcast with your viewers without worrying about installing an encoder. The reason people go for paid streaming servers and video hosting sites is because of the functionality and the wide reach it provides. Each provider will offer you various packages, and you can choose the one that suits your requirements the best. The most popular streaming service may be a bit more expensive than the lesser known streaming services. Many streaming services offer basic packages that are mostly free, but if you want a better quality output with good quality videos, then you will have to subscribe to a package and pay the monthly fees. Good streaming services will give you proper formatted live streams that you can upload on the hosts’ website, and you can then copy and paste the URL from the host website onto your web page for your target demographic.

The rapid growth of live streaming:

Live streams are expanding in popularity, and they are included in various industries and user bases. This is because the broadcast has the potential to reach millions of people at one time, making it interactive and engaging with the audience. The concept of video hosting platforms is quite popular because it takes place in real time and brings in new customers with exciting content and innovative ideas.

At times, it can be monotonous to go with just two tactics, that is, Search Engine Optimization and content marketing, to bring in as much traffic to your website you can. So, you will have to get creative and think of new ways you can bring in more views and organic traffic, and this is where live video streaming comes in.

Nearly 10 million users are brought in daily, and these active users spend at least 6 minutes of their day (each) to watch your broadcast. If you take in this magnitude of users, you will realize what a huge impact video hosting sites can have on your brand and business.

Active engagement:

Now, you may be thinking what the difference between a generic broadcast advertisement and a live stream video and can it reach out to the masses is.
Well, the big difference is the engagement with the audience. An advertisement is a traditional form of marketing and consists of one-way communication. The message is prerecorded and is played repeatedly whether the viewer likes it or not.

With live streaming, there is much user engagement because it’s a two-way communication process and it’s recorded in real time. Due to these factors, there is a sense of credibility, and user engagement increases exponentially. Live streaming humanizes your brand and makes you connect with potential customers on a personal level.

Why use video hosting server and live video hosting?

Once you understand why people want to watch live streams, you will know why it’s such a popular marketing tactic. It would help if you analyzed the pattern of viewers who tune in to watch your streams and their response to the content. When you live stream your content, your viewers are updated on the current affairs and events that are concerned with their interests. If you’re a company, then video hosting platforms help with humanizing your brand and getting them excited whenever you update new, fresh content.

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