6 Must Follow Live Streaming Tips For Brands

Today, audiences are more interested in video content than written content. This is not to say that written content is out of fashion (and it never will be), but video content is accessorizing other forms of content. And since the past 2 years, there has been an increased interest in live streaming from people. What started off as entertainment and a leisurely activity for millions of people has now made it to the world of business.

There is a reason why brands are investing in top-notch professional live streaming platforms. With ever-changing marketing trends, clients are now more interested in brands that live stream. However, it’s safe to say that live streaming is still not as explored as other marketing ways, and this can be your trump card in branding. However, you can’t just take your camera and start live streaming about anything. You need tips to work around, and we are here exactly for that. So, without further ado, here’s a list of live streaming tips that you must follow as a brand.

Don’t Hesitate to Pay for a Good Platform

What matters the most when you’re trying to create brand awareness through live streaming is choosing the right kind of live streaming platform. Most people settle down for free live streaming platforms like YouTube. While that is not that bad of an idea, but if you have high expectations from live streaming, don’t shy away from spending some money on a professional live streaming platform. Paid live streaming platforms come with features like white label video streaming, analytics, powerful CDN, etc. These features are definitely worth paying for.

Have a Dedicated Team

When live streaming, what you show in a short frame of time matters a lot. Live streaming needs a proper plan and strategy. For instance, a digital company wouldn’t be able to function well without a good SEO team. Similarly, when you depend on live streaming for great outcomes, having a team that can strategize each move so that your live streams become a hit and attract more audience and clients is important.

Go Live When Your Audience is Most Active

The very purpose of going live on a live streaming platform is so that a maximum number of people can watch your live video. You can’t expect that kind of audience if the time you go live is when most of your target audience is inactive. So, study your audience, see when they are engaged online the most, and choose a suitable time frame to capture the attention of the active audience. You need to conduct research about when your target audience would be online because this condition may vary for each brand.


One key aspect that makes people believe that live streams that come from a brand are worth watching is how interactive brands choose to be with their audience. Interaction is one thing that turns a brand from a mere digital creature into a more humane entity. You can choose to be interactive by having a Q&A session where people get to ask questions in real-time and get their answers instantly. People would love it since it would cut down the waiting time.

Besides Q&A sessions, you can also post live stream behind the scenes. If one of your products is in its production phase, you can take advantage of it and post a little live video of how things are shaping up. Also, giving a sneak peek of your production team would make people feel closer to your brand.

Collab With Influencers

The influencer culture is on the rise. Influencers are common people who become popular for posting reviews about products, and these influencers have a huge number of followers. Based on what your brand is about, you can call a popular influencer belonging to your niche and interview him/her. You can include questions about your brand when interviewing the influencer. This would have a great impact on the people that watch your live stream. It will also add trust and credibility to your brand.

Promote Your Videos Before Airing

Before the viewers join your live stream, they should know what the live stream is going to be about. To ensure your audience is not entirely clueless about your live streams, promote your video ahead of time. Post the time you want to stream a video, what it’s going to be about, who would be your guest (if any), and any other details worth sharing. When you do this, your viewers would be ready to watch your live stream whenever it goes live.

Furthermore, make it a point to have your video go live for about 10 minutes so that people who tune in late can also watch a bit of it. Many times, when the video is too short, by the time the viewer tunes in, the video is almost over, and it would result in a loss of audience participants.

These are some tips that matter a lot when you’re using a live streaming platform to create brand awareness or gain more audience. While investing in a good live streaming platform is a good idea, making sure you also have great strategies to make the idea of live streaming a success equally matters.

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