Distance Learning Solution to Corona Virus Closings

Streaming Video to the Rescue

Higher education and corporate communication has been ahead of the curve with video teleconferencing, live streaming, remote teaching, and distance learning for some time. We’d like to remind our existing K-12 customers, and those new to DiscoverVideo, that our DEVOS on-premises and cloud systems can quickly and easily bring your community up to speed, and keep your schools operating.

Existing Customers

Currently supports about a million students in schools and universities from Connecticut to Texas. These institutions use the on-premises or cloud-based Enterprise Video systems to deliver daily “morning announcements”, Digital Signage, Video-on-Demand education, emergency notifications, and more. Using Streamsie and OBS software, or Scorpion, Mantis, and Spider live streaming encoders, live HD video streams can be delivered anywhere.

hile our educational institution customers produce thousands of streams every day, most elect to keep their streams local. This is good practice for things like IPTV and private events. We wish to remind these organizations that they are fully equipped to live stream to homebound students right now.

Educators may use Streamsie, OBS, or other software on their home PC to record lectures and upload them to the system, then assign viewing to students. We wish to remind these organizations that they are fully equipped to deliver educational Video-on-Demand to homebound students right now.

Not every teacher has the skill or inclination to create their own lecture video. This is why your existing system can import videos from the billion or so videos found on YouTube. Simply find it, import it, and assign viewing. We wish to remind these organizations that they are fully equipped to select educational video from YouTube right now.

Every educational customer has been provided with our Learning Path feature in Enterprise Video System. Learning Path allows you to assemble multiple videos, images, and documents into a lesson. When students engage, their built-in test scores are recorded. We wish to remind these organizations that they are fully equipped to deploy Learning Path right now.

Your existing technology can help schools continue their educational mission during this difficult period. Though a combination of live and on-demand video, email and messaging, chat, and other tools, education need not be delayed.

You already paid for the system. You can use it to solve this problem for no additional cost.

New Customers

We offers a range of solutions from premises systems to cloud based solutions, to simple streaming.

Educational institutions can use our technology to stream live lessons to YouTube and Facebook, or to our private streaming system where you have more control over who is viewing, and provide interactive real-time chat with students.

Educators can create and upload content, then measure the result.

And when the crisis is over and students return to the classroom, you have a system that will continue to deliver true value in so many ways.

From Your Phone to Theirs
Remote Teaching and Distance Learning with Streamsie & DEVOS

Time To Deploy

We can deploy a solution for you right away. Hours, not days or weeks.

For more information, call us at  713-588-0772, or email us at sales@helnix.com

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